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Return & Refund Policy

Hey MycoMate! 🍄✨

Big shoutout for choosing Mycogenius. Your fungi journey means the world to us! Now, let’s chat refunds and Mushroom Returns – not the most thrilling topic, but hey, we want this to be as smooth as your favorite mushroom extract.

Our Hangout Spot (aka Company) 🏢 We’re the cool folks at Korte Lijnbaanssteeg 1, 4209, 1012SL, Amsterdam. Yep, that’s us – your mycological gurus!

Goods Galore 🎁 Goods are those awesome treats you snagged on our website. If it’s on our menu, it’s a “Good.”

Ordering Vibes 🛒 When you hit that “Order” button, it’s our cue to get the goodies your way.

Service (aka Where the Magic Happens) 💻 Our website, the Wonderland you explore at https://mycogenius.com/ – that’s the Service.

You, The Fungi Explorer 🌟 You, dear friend, are the one making this adventure happen. Whether you’re an individual, a company, or some other legal entity, you’re the star of this show!

Your Right to Cancel the Jam 🎉 Feel like changing your mind? No worries! You have a full 30 days to cancel your order and Mushroom Returns, no questions asked. Just drop us a note at info@mycogenius.com, and we’ll handle the rest.

Return Conditions for the Cool Goods 📋 For a return fiesta, here’s the checklist:

Did you buy the Goodie in the last 30 days? Check!

Goodie still in its party attire (original packaging)? Check!

Goodie not used or bruised? Check!

No-Go for Some Goods ❌ Now, a few can’t join the return bash:

Goods specially made for you or with your personal touch.

Products not cool for return due to their nature or past their expiration date.

Goods that got cozy with other items post-delivery.

We might have to say no if the returned Goodie doesn’t vibe with these rules.

Sending Back the Goodie Bag 📦 Shipping the Goods back is on you – cost and risk. Send the love to:

Mycogenius BV, Korte Lijnbaanssteeg 1, 4209, 1012SL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Protip: Use insured and trackable mail, just to be sure. We can’t party without the actual Goods or proof of the return delivery.

Gift Talk 🎁 If someone gifted you a Goodie, and it’s on its way back home, you’ll get a sweet gift credit once we receive it. If it wasn’t marked as a gift initially, the refund party goes to the gift giver.


Let’s Chat! 💬 Got questions about this Return and Refund Policy fiesta? Hit us up at info@mycogenius.com. We’re here to make your Mushroom Returns moments magical!

Mycologically Yours, 🍄✉️

The Mycogenius Crew