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Focus & Clarity

Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules.
  • The genius mushroom
  • Improves cognition & focus
  • Supports learning capacity
  • Protects & strengthens brain health
  • 60 capsules – 600mg per capsule


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Lion’s Mane

Meet your little giant problem solver.

Unleash your inner genius with Mycogenius Focus & Clarity!🚀 Elevate your brainpower and support overall brain health with our organic Lion’s Mane capsules. Packed with lion’s mane neuropeptides, this ‘Genius Boost mushroom’ is your brain’s best friend, fostering neuron growth and stress resilience.

Our functional mushrooms are organic, European-grown, and packed with potent compounds that’ll help you feel like you on your best days.

High-quality products with tested results & benefits—safe, nontoxic and 100% natural supplements.


  • Increased focus / Genius Boost,
  • Improve memory,
  • Strengthen synapses,
  • Boost cognition,
  • Brain health,
  • Nerve growth,
  • Enhance clarity when needed,

All our mushies are overachievers:

  • Support gut health,
  • Lab-tested for high levels of beta-glucans,
  • An easy addition to your daily routine,

Just pop three capsules with water once or twice a day for optimal results. Our Lion’s Mane is vegan-friendly and comes with a side of Nerve Growth Factor goodness! a true Genius Boost.

We’re all about quality! Check out the third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the full lowdown. Your brain deserves the best – Mycogenius Focus & Clarity, because genius starts here! 🧠✨ Read more about the magic of Lion’s mane and how it can truly benefit you here