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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Mycogenius – Where Mushroom Magic Happens! 🍄✨

Hey there, fantastic fungi enthusiasts! We’re Mycogenius B.V., and this is your ticket to the wild world of Mushroom Magic. Buckle up as we unfold the Terms of Service, or as we like to call it, the Mushroom Manifesto. 🌿

Section 1 – Online Store Vibes

Ready to embark on a mycological journey? By rocking with us, you’re telling the world you’re at least the age of majority in your hood. No shady business here – our products are for legit mushroom enthusiasts only. 🍄

Section 2 – General Conditions

Just a heads-up – we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Let’s keep it cool and respect each other’s mycelium, shall we? 🤝

Section 3 – Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness of Information

We’re all about transparency. While we aim for perfection, there might be a spore or two of inaccuracy. Always cross-check your mushroom facts – knowledge is power! 📚

Section 4 – Modifications to the Service and Prices

Our prices might dance to their own beat. We can modify or discontinue the service whenever the mushrooms tell us it’s time. No worries, we’ll keep you in the loop. 🔄

Section 5 – Products or Services (if applicable)

Our Mushroom Magic” treasures are limited editions. If they’re online, they’re up for grabs. We’ve put our heart into showcasing accurate colours and images, but remember, your screen might have its psychedel*c interpretation. 🌈

Section 6 – Accuracy of Billing and Account Information

Mistakes happen, but let’s keep our info straight. If there’s an oopsie in your order, we’ll shoot you a message. Keep your deets updated, and we’re golden. 💳

Section 7 – Optional Tools

We’ve got some cool third-party tools hanging around. They’re like the funky accessories to your mushroom ensemble. Use them wisely and responsibly, my friend. 🛠️

Section 8 – Third-Party Links

Clicking on third-party links? That’s like venturing into the enchanted forest. Be cautious, and make sure you’re vibing with their terms before you dive in. 🌲

Section 9 – User Comments, Feedback, and Other Submissions

Do you have something to share? We’re all ears! Just play fair – no spreading spore-less negativity or false info. Keep it shroomtastic! 🍄✉️

Section 10 – Personal Information

Your privacy is sacred like a hidden truffle. Dive into our Privacy Policy to know how we handle your Mushroom Magic journey. 🤫

Section 11 – Errors, Inaccuracies, and Omissions

Mushrooms grow, and so does our knowledge. If we spot any boo-boos, we’ll fix them pronto. Keep an eye out for updates! 👀

Section 12 – Prohibited Uses

Respect the mushroom kingdom rules – no shady business. Let’s keep the vibes positive and full of spore-tastic energy. 🚫🍄

Section 13 – Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

Our service is a journey, and like any adventure, it might have bumps. We’re not perfect, but we’re here to make your Mushroom Magic ride memorable. 🌟

Section 14 – Indemnification

Mushroom warriors, unite! If any third party points fingers at you, we’ve got your back. 🛡️

Section 15 – Severability

If any part of this manifesto seems a bit wonky, just know that the rest is still standing tall. No worries, we’re flexible like mycelium. 🍄

Section 16 – Termination

Parting ways? Notify us, and we’ll bid you a fond farewell. We’re here to make mushroom connections, but if it’s time to part, no hard feelings. 🍄✌️

Section 17 – Entire Agreement

This Mushroom Manifesto is our pact. It’s the whole enchilada, replacing any past agreements. Let’s keep things clear and full of good fungi vibes. 🤝🍄

Section 18 – Refund Requests

Need to part with a Mushroom Magic treasure? You’ve got 30 days to decide. Check out our Refund Policy, and let’s make the process as smooth as a mushroom cap. 🔄💸

Section 19 – Governing Law

In the realm of mushrooms, Dutch laws govern us. It’s like the mycelium network keeping everything in sync. 🇳🇱🍄

Section 20 – Changes to Terms of Service

Mushrooms evolve, and so do we. Keep an eye on this space for updates