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ROAD TO Quality mushroom extracts!

We deliver Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts, so you can uncover your Genius

1. Natural origin
from forest

Selecting excellent genetic species of mushrooms begins with harvesting them directly from the wild in their natural forest habitat, this is the first step to making a Guaranteed Premium Mushroom Extracts


Premium Organic Functional Mushrooms extracts
Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts

2. Growing Premium Functional Mushrooms

We propagate the best genetics in agar dishes, growing the Mycelium to inoculate the Organic growing medium.

3. Quality

Only the Fruiting Bodies of the mushroom are harvested and inspected to ensure excellent quality, any mushrooms that don’t meet our high levels of QC get discarded.

Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts
Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts

4. Drying and

The harvest is dried at 35°C to help preserve its beneficial compounds, then gently milled to a powder, and vacuum packed to protect and preserve its quality. 

5. Third party quality control

We send our Mushroom powder to a third-party laboratory to actively ensure its high levels of beneficial compounds, samples are also tested for heavy metals and contaminants.


The powder is then UAE and dual extracted with water and alcohol, we then use these mushroom extracts to make our Genius Flow mouth spray. 

7. Packaging &

Products are carefully packaged and stored in a cool dry place before being prepared for delivery.

Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts
Premium Functional Mushroom Extracts

8. Quality

Guaranteed Premium Mushroom Extracts. Our lab-tested Lions Mane showed some of the highest levels of Beta-Glucans and other beneficial compounds on the market.


A breakthrough discovery Mastered by millennia.

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