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Genius Flow

Organic Adaptogenic mouth spray

  • Sustainable Focus  
  • Mental Clarity  
  • Nerve Growth Factor in Action  
  • Decreased Need for Stimulants  
  • Mood Regulation  
  • 30ml bottle


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Genius Flow for Sustainable Mental Clarity

Unlock your full potential with our adaptogenic mouth spray – an innovative brain-boosting solution in a 30ml sustainable bottle. Crafted as an adaptogenic mouth spray. Derived from European-grown Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps fruiting bodies, Genius Flow is a scientifically formulated solution harnessing the power of hericenones and erinacines to optimize cognitive function and cordycepin to boost your levels of ATP.🚀✨  

    Experience the Transformative Benefits of Genius Flow:

    • Mental Clarity: Clear mental fog and enhance cognitive function.
    • Nerve Growth Factor: Stimulate neuron growth for improved cognitive performance.
    • Decreased Need for Stimulants: Reduce reliance on external stimulants with sustained mental energy.
    • Mood Regulation: Achieve emotional balance and stability.
    • Fruiting Body: Dual Extracted UAE (Ultrasound-assisted extraction)

    Instant Absorption for Faster Onset:

      Genius Flow is instantly absorbed sublingually, bypassing the need for digestion. This means a quicker onset of effects that ensures you can experience mental enhancement precisely when you need it most.
      With a refreshing mint flavour, Genius Flow provides on-the-go mental clarity, ensuring you can effortlessly integrate cognitive optimization into your daily routines. Elevate focus, gain unparalleled clarity, and sharpen mental precision – this is the solution for those seeking cognitive excellence.
      Why settle for an ordinary day when you can ride the wave of genius? Dive into the transformative experience of Genius Flow and feel the surge of mental vitality. Whether you’re navigating a hectic day or seeking a moment of brilliance, make this adaptogenic mouth spray your companion and elevate your everyday experience! 🚀✨
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